Occasion of Escapade

The Adventure So Far

No longer amateurs

In the beginning, the adventurers helped to defend Cardiff Kingdom from an invasion of undead. In doing so, Princess Bonnibel was bitten and they had to travel to the Plane of Air in search of a cure. The Butler opened a portal and the adventurers were on their way.

While in the Plane of Air, the adventurers ran into Princess Holli, who brought them to her parents. They told the adventurers that a cure for the princess did exist in the form of a magical cure-all, which was stolen from the Cloud Kingdom long ago. After traveling through the Plane of Air, visiting Giants, and exploring a fort, the adventurers returned with a cure (as well as extra doses, originally meant to cure the tree of the Giants and the princess’ parents, which the adventurers kept for themselves).

After returning and curing Princess Bonnibel, the adventurers encountered a man named Ricardio who took credit for curing the Princess through charming magic. One adventurer used a deadly poison to destroy both himself and Ricardio, and then used the extra doses of cure to fix his own poison. Eventually the villain was tricked into drinking the poison and perished. However, the next day the adventurers found Ricardio alive and well, presumably through some sort of Resurrection magics. In order to protect both the Kingdom and Princess Bonnibel, the adventurers set out in search of counter magic.

After a long search, Billy and Canyon were rescued and gave the adventurers the magic they searched for. Without delay they returned to Cardiff Kingdom and used their newfound power to challenge Ricardio to a duel of wit and honor (a chess match). It was a close match, but the adventurers won and Ricardio, a man of his word, left the kingdom, never to return. In acknowledgement of their heroic deeds, Princess Bonnibel promoted the adventurers to official Defenders of Cardiff, and sent them on their way to defend Cardiff Kingdom.

Given an assignment from The Butler to stop a thief, the adventurers proceeded to the City of Thieves. Along the way, the party ran into a group of pirates that used a landship to navigate the desert surrounding the city. After one of the party members talked trash and another negotiated, the adventurers managed to obtain a ride on the ship to the City of Thieves. Once there, they found that the alter to the Goddess of Thieves was actually a World Anchor, though they didn’t fully understand the implications just yet.

Following a lead on the thief, the adventurers commandeered the landship and traveled northwest. After crashing the ship into a maw of sand, they fell through a portal to another realm. At first the adventurers believed it simply teleported them to elsewhere in Orey, but after a bit of time they realized they were in a completely different place all-together. While in a mine they encountered a shadowy wizard who destroyed a world anchor in that world, and then sicced an extremely strong zombie on the party. After defeating the monster, the adventurers gave chase and lost one of their own to a burning, falling ship.

Hot on the heels of the thief, the adventurers reach the City of Thieves to find it was currently under siege by an army of undead. Most of the city was already destroyed, and the adventurers made their way back to the temple only to find the last of the guard are defending against more of the powerful undead. During the fight, the thief attempts to destroy the World Anchor, but is stopped by an adventurer. After finishing off the undead (and saving a few of the city guard) the adventurers head back to Cardiff Kingdom to report their success, as well as gather more information about the World Anchors.

After a bit of relaxation, the adventurers are given information from The Butler that another World Anchor is located in Wizard City. Heading on the road east, they encounter a group of disparaged individuals being besieged by Fire Giants. In the nature of protectors, the adventurers destroy the Fire Giants and save the individuals. Turns out they are a group of exiles from Cardiff Kingdom, who were sent away because of their Lycanthropy. However, the adventurers soon realize these Lycanthropes plan to besiege, destroy, and capture Cardiff Kingdom. Working as spies, the adventurers head back to Cardiff Kingdom and give them ample warning and time to prepare.

After a long and grueling siege, where another adventurer was lost, much of the attackers were defeated. However, one particularly powerful individual known as The Engineer remained standing, and instead of destroying the town he challenged The Butler to a Magician’s Duel. A fantastical display of insane power and magic followed, where neither party actually came out a winner. Instead, The Butler used his magic to seal the mind of The Engineer, preventing his spells as well as making him completely passive towards others for 30 days.

Following the siege, the party rested for a time before heading West in search of the Kingdom of Fire, as well as another World Anchor. While in the Kingdom of Fire, the adventurers meet Princess Phoebe, who tells them that the Kingdom is dying. They work to prove themselves to the Princess by repairing the fire protection barrier within her castle. After proving themselves, Princess Phoebe and the adventurers head to the heart of the Kingdom of Fire, where they encounter Valentine Frost. She informs the adventurers that her plot was to freeze over the Kingdom, thus allowing her to invade and conquer it in the name of the Ice Kingdom. However, the adventurers stop her plan (with a great amount of help from Princess Phoebe) and stabilize the Kingdom of Fire. Heading back to the Overworld, the adventurers begin the search for the second World Anchor.

Along the way, the adventurers come across two separate towns surrounding a large mountain. The first is located in a crater/ravine, and from what the adventurers saw is ruled over by Marceline Abadeer. Finding themselves disinterested in her people (and slightly put off by her personality) the adventurers leave and decide to investigate the mountain instead. Outside the mountain is a line of ‘cultists’ who believe in tranquility. Atop the mountain rests a large town based around the chase of tranquility and the worship of the sun. The adventurers feel that the second World Anchor is located within the heart of the church of tranquility. However, the church itself has some sort of pacification field, and the doors to the inner sanctum only open around the Summer Solstice. Because it was currently Spring, the adventurers decided to wait a few months until the temple opened, resolving their own issues in the meantime.

What follows their relaxation and personal quests is yet to be determined…


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